IMAGE professional perm series

Product feature /

  • It is an ammonia-free low-alkaline solution which can reduce the pungent smell during perm. No such cancerogenic substance as mineral oil and antiseptic substance are included in the product.
  • TGA reducing agent is used in Agent 1. A small amount of monoethanolamine is used to ensure proper alkalinity. New low-alkaline prescription can improve hair quality after perm.
  • The rose essential oil is added to efficiently increase the moisture content after perm. A slightly floral scent is given off during perm. Furthermore, an elegant fragrance is given off after perm.
  • The emulsifying agent with ECOCERT certification is used to achieve close adsorption between the solution and hair and efficiently improve the paste quality. It is also the healthy choice. 
  • The product is rich in hydrolyzed collagen, organic soybean and wheat PPT, which can increase the water retention ability after perm and improve the moisturizing effect.
  • The setting lotion itself is added with retardant in order to weaken the setting lotion after 15 minutes and further to avoid that it is too hot during perm. The setting lotion contains up to 93% organic ingredients.

R1 / appropriate for resist hair

H1 / appropriate for healthy hair

D1 / appropriate for damage hair 

HD1 / appropriate for for high damage hair

C2 / cream H2O2

W2 / watery H2O2

DW2 / watery BrO3

  • ECOCERT certified emulsifier
  • Organic hydrolysis of wheat
  • Organic hydrolyzed collagen
  • Natural rose essence
Not AddedNot Added
  • Cysteamine hcl
  • Ammonia
  • Paraben、MP
  • Mineral oil