HUE professional color series-Dye

Healthy, Unique, and Easy are the aims of developing HUE professional color series

We expect to offer you a whole new experience.

Give you simpler intuitive dye system with easier to use dye formulate.

More unique product features - combined with the advantages of Europe and Japanese dye ingredients

Experience healthier hair dye experience - removing harmful chemical materials, while adding a variety of organic ingredients


HUE professional color series is deigned to solve common dye problems and combined with the aims of development. Three advantages are as follows:


1.Greater color rendering performance:

We have applied the latest technology to narrow molecular weight of pigment particles properly. The effect of hair coloring is a result of the adsorption of pigment particles to hair. The smaller molecules weight of pigment particles is, the better adsorption would be under the same condition of hair. Thus, the more molecules weight of pigment particles adhering to hair, the more natural and better coloring effect and the more durable of hair dye would be.


2.Smoother hair texture after drying:

We add organic additives, including organic shea butter, organic Morocco nut oil, in addition to Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Allantoin, wheat protein, and soy protein. These ingredients help moisturize hair and retain water in hair. If you have sufficient porosity hair, you would have a good hair texture naturally. Moreover, these additives with sufficient moisturizing are able to slow down or avoid scalp pain while inadvertently contacting with hair dyes and protect scalp as well.


3.Easier to operate recipe:

The first and second color level of HUE professional color series is developed and made by an acid concept with more saturated and more accurate color rendering standard. You can easily formulate hair ingredients with your intuition. HUE professional color series hair dye system is specially designed for Eastern people. You can dye your hair color from bright chroma saturation of European hair color, low-key and elegance of Japanese hair color, to more obvioiua brown color. A wild range of hair dye colors show more diversity and richer change. As for mixing with Hydrogen peroxide, the color rendering performance of HUE professional color series mixing only 6% of Hydrogen peroxide is the same as the color rendering performance of European, US and Japanese hair dyes mixing 12% of Hydrogen peroxide. Thus, less Hydrogen peroxide means less damage to your hair.

  • Organic wheat protein
  • Organic shea butter
  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil
  • Organic soy protein
  • Allantoin
Not AddedNot Added
  • PPD
  • Resorcinol
  • MPD
  • OPD
  • Ammonia reduction 80%
Organic certification

SGS Test Report